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Places you don’t want to miss while Adventuring with B & B Adventures of Mercer

Waterfall Map



Black River Harbor Waterfalls

a large waterfall in a forest
  • Conglomerate Falls hiking trail: ¾ mile includes stairs and observation platform.
  • Potawatomi and Gorge Falls trail: short, includes a series of stairways and observation platforms. The trail, restroom and viewing platform at Potawatomi Falls are fully accessible.
  • Sandstone Falls: ¼ mile includes stairs.
  • Rainbow Falls: ½ mile, stairs and platform.

Interstate Falls

a large waterfall over a body of water

Interstate Falls is an 18-foot waterfall on the Montreal River, along the Wisconsin / Michigan border, at the edge of the City of Ironwood, Michigan, and Hurley, Wisconsin. A 0.3 mile trail through hardwood-hemlock forest leads to the falls, and is a popular attraction to residents and visitors of the Gogebic Range.

Other Attractions

B47 Memorial

Attractions pic 2 b47

During the Cold War the USAF 40th Bombardment Wing stationed in Topeka, KS used the Gogebic Range in northern Wisconsin to practice bombing runs with B-47 Strato-Jet aircraft. On February 24, 1961 one Strato-Jet crashed resulting in the death of all four crew members. On May 2, 1961 a second B-47 Strato-Jet crashed nearby resulting in the death of two crew members. Two crew members were able to eject and lived. The site of these crashes was about 10 miles south of the City of Hurley in Iron County Wisconsin.

On June 28th a group calling themselves the B-47 Crash Site Preservation Committee dedicated a memorial near the site of these crashes. This beautiful and thought provoking memorial is far from the main travelled roadways.

Little Girls Point

a sunset over a body of water

Little Girls Point is located on the shores of the pristine waters of Lake Superior.  The point has both tenting and RV camp sites close to or right on the shores of Lake Superior.  Hookups available with public bathrooms and a playground.  Visit the unique beaches filled with perfectly round Lake Superior rocks and sand.

Little Girls Point is home to a rustic great hall with bunks, kitchen, and dining facilities in a picturesque setting atop of the point.  A perfect spot for weddings and other events for rent.

Copper Peak

a view of a mountain
  • Copper Peak is the largest artificial ski jump in the world. The 35 degree, 469 foot, cantilevered inrun was constructed using 300 tons of COR-TEN steel in 1969 at a cost of just over $1 million.
  • The upper observation platform is 1782 feet above sea level and 1180 feet above Lake Superior.
  • The platform provides the highest, unobstructed, 360 degree vista in the Midwest, overlooking nearly 40 miles in every direction.
  • The 810-foot chairlift rises 365 fee to the crest of the hill.
  • The 18-story elevator ride takes about 55 seconds.
  • The structure is designed to withstand winds in excess of 190 mph.
  • In a brisk wind, the top of Copper Peak has been observed to sway as much as 18 inches, by design.
  • During construction, a 104-pound piece of native copper was unearthed.
  • The first international ski flying competition was held at Copper Peak in February and March of 1970.

Saxon Harbor

a flock of birds sitting on a rock next to a body of water
  • Saxon Harbor is located on Lake Superior’s Oronto Bay in Iron County, Wisconsin, United States.[1] The harbor, adjacent to Oronto Creek, is a part of a county park that includes deep sea fishing, camping and a sandy beach stretching for four miles westward.
  • This is a beautiful ride you won’t want to miss out on.

The Loon Capitol

a statue of a bird
  • Take your picture with the iconic Claire’ d Loon
  • “Claire d’Loon” was unveiled in May, 1981, and she has stood outside of the Mercer Chamber of Commerce building ever since. She weighs 2,000 pounds, stands 16 feet tall, and lends credibility to the town’s claim to be the “Loon Capital.” In size she trails only the gargantuan floating loon in Virginia, and a goliath concrete loon in Vergas, both in next-door Minnesota.
  • Claire d’Loon is also the “World’s Largest Talking Loon,” although “talking” only in loon sounds. Voice box breakdowns frequently bedeviled the big bird, rendering her mute for long stretches of time.

Black River Harbor/Lake Superior

a body of water
  • The Black River waterfalls provide year-round attractions. Conglomerate Falls is the farthest upstream, with Potawatomi, Gorge, Sandstone, and Rainbow spread out over about two miles below. During the spring snowmelt and ice breakup period, high flows in the river provide exciting displays and the opportunity for daredevil kayakers to run the river. Catching ice-out at the harbor itself is a special treat. Winter waterfall viewing is also possible–snowshoes are usually needed and trails may be icy so visitors travel at their own risk.
  • Camping, river and lake fishing, picnicking, beachcombing and lake swimming are also featured at the harbor. A variety of birds may be seen, including bald eagles. There is a self-guided birding loop trail near the campground. White-tailed deer may also be seen in the harbor area.

Mercer Lakes/Fishing

a bridge over a body of water
  • The Mercer area of Northern Wisconsin has long been know for its excellent fishing both summer and winter. From the Wiley Walleye to the Magnificent Muskie and everything in between can be found right here in our area lakes and flowages. Mercer offers something for every type of fisherman, from the weekend warrior to the hardcore tournament angler.
  • 74,500+ acres
  • of Public Land
  • 214 lakes
  • Turtle-Flambeau Scenic Waters Area
  • 14,300+ acre
  • Turtle Flambeau Flowage

Black River Harbor

a train crossing a bridge over a body of water

Known for its spectacular waterfalls, idyllic beaches, scenic hiking trails and tranquil campground, the Black River Harbor Recreation Area is a popular destination throughout the year. Originating in Wisconsin, the Black River flows through forested areas of large pine, hemlock and hardwood trees. The River has a series of scenic waterfalls as it drops in elevation to meet Lake Superior.


Annual Pumpkin Run

October 6-9th 2022

The Annual Pumpkin Run ATV/UTV Rally is held in Mercer, Wisconsin and takes place on all Iron County ATV/UTV trails and routes. The purpose of our rally is for participants to take part in a poker run, making stops at different locations across all of the ATV/UTV Trails.